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William VonTobel


While I have traveled extensively to perform for audiences across the country, I am now excited to accept engagements in central Florida. I invite you to click the GO button to learn more about my services and experience a bit of magic and laughter for yourself. And if you find the secret button, you’ll get a special prize!


The Magic of V


About The Magic of V
Close Up Magic

Close-up magic is, without a doubt, the most captivating form of magic to witness. Its intimacy and interactivity set it apart from the rest. Unlike stage magic, close-up magic unfolds right before your eyes, with no room for elaborate props or hidden mechanisms. This immediate closeness makes the experience all the more astonishing as I perform seemingly impossible feats with everyday objects, leaving spectators in awe. What distinguishes close-up magic is the intricate and precise skill required. Perfecting this art form demands mastering sleight of hand and understanding psychology and misdirection. I have dedicated a staggering 10,000 hours to perfecting this craft, making me proficiently executing magic flawlessly, often just inches away from my audience. This level of skill and proximity is what makes close-up magic the most challenging and, in my opinion, the most mesmerizing form of magic to witness.

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