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Fred Lee

Mentalist - Magician - Hypnotist

Fred Lee’s 11 minute demo Includes mentalism & hypnosis at a house party.


You got the catering, the sound system, the venue, the guest list, but you are looking for the one thing that will have your guests remembering you and the event long afterwards.


Fred Lee - MasterMind

 Look no further!

 When you book Fred, you’re getting a WORLD CLASS ACT at your event!

In his Strolling format, Fred goes from group to group as he reads minds, hacks into phones and (if upon request) hypnotizes guests on the spot! Perfect for cocktail settings at corporate events!

His Stage show format is perfect for a larger audience such as company dinner galas or large scale events.

One option in this format is Fred’s Vegas style comedy hypnosis show. His show is clean for corporate audiences and can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Fred’s show has been the highlight of all of his clients’ events and is guaranteed to get YOU raving reviews for BOOKING HIM!

Give Fred a call to learn more about the various entertainment packages for your event!


Tired of boring speakers lulling your audiences to sleep? Tired of your employees lacking RESULTS after that talk that one speaker promised to accomplish?

Fred is the PERFECT CHOICE as he shares his expertise in the human mind to enlighten your attendants though his presentations. Sales teams across the globe STRONGLY RECOMMEND Fred as their GO TO motivational speaker!

Fred’s corporate key note presentations focuses on several tools to maximize PRODUCTIVITY, STRESS MANAGEMENT, and SUCCESSFUL THINKING. With a strong background as a hypnotherapist, he demonstrates how hypnosis is a crucial component to success in this one of a kind hands on experience.

From LAUGH OUT LOUD to mesmerizing moments.  This is the perfect blend of entertainment and enlightenment.  Presentations run for 60-90 minutes.


Fred EMPOWERS you with POSITIVITY, MOTIVATION, and the KEY to unlock your unconscious mind to ACHIEVE THE IMPOSSIBLE!

Fred Lee is a trusted brand known for providing clients RELIABLE, QUALITY, SERVICE.

From helping event planners pull off a successful event to empowering guests with his corporate presentations, Fred goes above and beyond for his clients to sit back and relax as he makes their ideas a reality.

 He has a degree in psychology and is an expert on the subject of influence (emphasis on hypnosis) and mindset management.

He was recognized as a prodigy hypnotist at age 17, providing corporate and VIP clients across the nation with his services and expertise.

He is a magician member of the Academy of Magical Arts, which is associated with Hollywood’s world famous Magic Castle.

Wowing Fortune 500 companies and various distinguished clients in 4 continents with his miracles of the mind, Fred Lee shares a unique style of entertainment to his audiences. Hacking into minds of the CEOs at Samsung, moving objects with his mind at award ceremonies for SAP Ariba, hypnotizing the entire sales team of Virgin America to become more productive, and even bending the reality of celebrities at Hollywood’s Magic Castle.

He has consulted and worked behind the scenes of America’s Got Talent numerous times.  You are guaranteed a world class experience when you book Fred Lee.  You’ll book him year after year!

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