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Lipstick Imprint reading with Misty Knight

Lips do not lie. Your lips are like fingerprints. Everyone is unique.

Misty Knight is a lifetime student of tarot and hypnotherapist. Misty is also a keynote speaker, helping people see their potential and achieve their goals.

A high-end shopping center was advertising a new lipstick line. They asked her if she could do “Lipstick Imprint Reading,” and her journey began.

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Combining her talents, Misty is a fantastic guide. She has a talent for reading people and can really brighten up a party.

Misty does 3-4 minute party readings. She is fast-paced when necessary to cover many guests when working with them individually.

Lipstick impression reading involves analyzing the shape, size and characteristics of your lipstick imprint on a white card to interpret personality traits and emotions.

It’s fun in groups of up to six people simultaneously. The readings are amazingly revealing and accurate.

30+ Years of practicing hypnotherapy have educated Misty on guiding your guests to find their priorities (“shaking the can and letting the important content rise to the top”) and predict their future.

LIPPRESSIONS are similar to palm reading & your guests will explore multiple directions they can either choose to follow in their own lives or discover and overcome obstacles preventing them from achieving their personal goals. It’s all in the individual lines one’s lip imprints divulge.

A great addition to any event, large or small, Misty is easy to work with and creates a unique memory for any festivity, party, or corporate gathering.

It entertains men and women alike!

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