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Randy Burns

Mimes an Mimics

Randy Burns
a.k.a. The Mechanical Man
The Nation’s Best Mime – Robot – Human Statue

After 27 years of acting like a Disney automaton, some have called “The Mechanical Man” ‘lifeless like’ and even held a mirror under his nose to see if he’s breathing. Others shake their heads in disbelief or even pull the hair on his outstretched hand for some sign of life. After a performance, one elderly man even drew a comparison between Randy and the “people I put make-up on in the funeral parlor”.

Mimes an Mimics

Randy Burns is "The Mechanical Man"

He has performed around the world for a wide range of audiences including engagements at Expo ‘ 86 in Vancouver, Canada, World Expo ‘ 88 in Brisbane, Australia, (the only act invited back for a return engagement), the l988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada, was chosen to represent San Francisco on a performer’s tour of Hong Kong, Electronic Show in Barcelona, Spain, as well as Consumer Electronics Shows in Las Vegas and Chicago. He toured with the National Realtor’s Association doing trade shows where he was the most popular act on the trade show floor.

Randy has also performed at county and state fairs throughout the United States and Canada repeating some of the nations top 50 fairs over 10 years in a row and has entertained at various casinos in Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas; he is a regular performer at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and is the only entertainer to stand the test of three owners. Randy recently won the International Buskerfest in Halifax, Nova Scotia, chosen by public opinion over 28 acts from around the globe.

Randy started his career as a comedy stage actor in Canada and moved to Los Angeles to try his hand at film acting. He has a Theater Arts degree and has attended the Lee Strasberg ActorÕs Studio in Hollywood before he landed a job on the Queen Mary in Long Beach where he perfected his craft.

The comedy interaction between “The Mechanical Man” and his audience is incredible. With his robotic moves and comedic timing you won’t believe what he can make them do without saying a word as he moves through the crowd. “The Mechanical Man” is indeed the best robot impersonator in the world!




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