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Two Completely Different Shows.
One Incredibly Talented Entertainer.

Keith Haddrill

Award-Winning Ventriloquist & Hypnotist

You want an entertainer who:

  1. Understands that your reputation is in their care.
  2. Makes sure you hear lots of positive comments after the show
  3. Leaves them laughing together long after the event is over
  4. Offends no one in these sensitive times
  5. Is charming and professional off-stage as well as on-stage
  6. Manages everything he needs so that you can focus on the other demands of event hosting.
  7. Enjoy your event.  “We got this.”


Guarantee Happy Audiences with Keith and Company!

Comedy Ventriloquist —

Keith breathes life into a charming and hilarious cast of characters guaranteed to captivate every age group in your audience!

Comedy Hypnotist —

Keith is also an accomplished comedy stage hypnotist. One huge advantage to working with Keith is he can do both shows for fairs and corporate events.

Combined Show —

Keith Haddrill is the only hypnotist who makes his stage hypnosis show even more compelling to the audience by adding ventriloquism elements to the show!

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