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Paul Isaak


Paul Isaak will make audiences say “Oooh!…Ahhh!”…

…That is, he’ll walk right into the audience, and physically make them say “Oooo… ahhh!”—or else!

From the moment he sets foot on the stage Paul Isaak commands the attention of his audience, then he lures the spectators into joining him on a comedy roller coaster which leaves them breathless.


Comedy Juggler and Unicyclist Paul Isaak

As their journey progresses, his composed demeanor is rapidly overpowered by a frantically energetic funnyman who wins the hearts of the audience as he struggles towards the grande finale of this comedy of errors.

Paul Isaak combines situational comedy, audience participation, and improvisation with juggling and theater to create a memorable entertainment experience. He has been performing physical comedy since 1988, and has been a feature member of The Tesseract Troupe since 2002.

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Paul’s career has seen him appear onboard cruise ships, and at international festivals. He’s been featured at corporate conventions, on movie sets, and has opened for rock stars.

With the ability to juggle flaming torches, bounce juggle five balls, or escape from the most ludicrous straightjacket ever conceived, Paul Isaak delivers an incredible variety of visual delights in each performance. He has also been known to shave with a flying machete, eat fire, experiment with flaming Spam®, and lots more. Paul’s repertoire is wide enough to incorporate different elements in each show.

Amazingly, even with all of these unique skills, it is Paul Isaak’s gregarious personality that is most captivating to the masses. He effortlessly invites each member of the audience to leave their worldly troubles behind, and to lose themselves in the moment, as the show plays on.

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