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Mike Wood

Comedian, Tesseract Troupe

Combining two of Canada’s main exports, comedy and natural resources, Mike Wood is a comedian with a degree in mine engineering.

He has been making people laugh for money since 1994. From 1996 to 2003, comedy put food on the table and paid for that engineering degree. Mike Wood’s comedy career has since overtaken his engineering career in such an aggressive way that it may pave the way for home ownership!


Comic Mike Wood

Starting out as a street performer at outdoor festivals in Canada, Mike developed a slick ridiculous comedy show, and has since moved to indoor stages all over the world. He is a successful stand-up comedian, MC/host and actor, but it is Mike Wood’s Catapulted Cabbage Catch that has taken him around the world. From Toronto to Singapore, Dublin to Christchurch, Bruges to Barcelona, Mike has performed in every province of Canada and 13 different countries.

Mike has even turned his hand to inspirational cabbage catching… in a 2013 TED Talk.

Mike’s comedy is dry but affable, wry but off-beat. His smart sense of humour is informed by years of pop culture immersion and a love of language. He demands little of his audience except their attention and a willingness to connect a few dots.

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