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I am the son of the late “Magician’s Magician,” George Sands.

Over my father’s 86 years of life, he wrote many books on original magic and (among many other creations) the first complete work on balloon sculpting, comprising a total of about 800 pages.

George Sands’ balloon books began the revolution in balloon sculpting in the early 1970s.

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George Sands was most widely known for his “Sandsational Rope” tricks.

It has been said that his rope routines are the foundation for all rope routines performed today, with the exception of the Professor’s Nightmare.

His card routines are also staples for many doing close-up and stage magic, including Jeff McBride, to drop one name.

George Sands invented moves and developed routines that keep audiences entertained – magicians and laymen alike.

I grew up traveling with my father everywhere he performed.

I also went to countless conventions and magic club meetings where he lectured.

My father would wake me up in the middle of the night, excited that he had figured something out, and I was his first audience as he tested and practiced so many of his new effects.

He taught me memory codes while we drove and had me palming coins by the time I was six years old.

George Sands’ Magic

Learn the Magic of George Sands

This Magic Lecture shares the Magic and Legacy of George Sands.

Come prepared to learn an amazing amount of material that you can use immediately when you leave.

I will change the way you perform and entertain. When I combine my father’s 70 years of knowledge and experience with my 30+ years of professional experience as a full-time entertainer, you get over 100 years of first-hand professional advice and some very polished and well-developed routines.

We will learn effects using:

  1. Coins
  2. Ropes
  3. Cards
  4. Balloons
  5. Razor blades
  6. ESP
  7. Impromptu Routines
  8. Close-up
  9. Parlor
  10. Stage
  11. Plus philosophies

George Sands loved to say,

“Let me teach you everything I know so you will get the hell out of my price range.”

Alan continues the same tradition.

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Alan, Just dropping you a quick line to say that i thoroughly enjoyed your lecture in Aberdeen, GB. It had a touch of everything in it, and I was really interested in how knowledgable you were on the business side of things.The marketing, costume and technical side of the show are really interesting to me (I was the one who you spoke with in the end, the one with the cabaret show). It was a fascinating point of view, one that I could have quite happily listened to and discussed for hours afterwards.We’d love to have you up at some point next year (if you are performing at Glastonbury again), please keep in touch. Iain

Gayle Becwar

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