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Julius Kovacs


Hello. This is comedy hypnotist Julius Kovacs. I performed for high schools, colleges, corporations, and private parties since 1998 across Canada and in many of the States like in TX, MN, NV (Las Vegas), FL, VA, NY, NJ, TN, MA, NH, VT, ME, RI, and CT. Also, I toured Hungary, Europe, and appeared on radio and on TV stations there. I work as a Behavior Therapist in the public school system and I’d treat all of my show volunteers with respect and care. My shows are clean and appropriate for high school events like your Prom, After Prom, Grad Party, Project Graduation, School Assembly, and for any Fundraising Event.


Get put in a trance and then put on stage!

Hypnotist Julius Kovacs has developed a well-balanced, entertaining, exciting, and MESMERIZING performance. Those that have never seen a hypnotist in action, are stunned by the amazing level of understanding of the human mind and the applicability of the hypnotic trance. Friends, family, co-workers, and classmates become the entertainment! Watch the outgoing become calm in a trance-like state, watch the quiet become outgoing and loud, watch the shy take the stage by storm by dancing, singing, and engaging in humorous activity like talking into their shoe…convinced it is a cell phone. Can you hear me now?

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