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Paul Nathan


If you want something really special Paul Nathan is one of our most accomplished magicians. It is my pleasure to call him a friend as well as it excites me to be able to get him work because I know clients are always happy to have him, and 80% of them will find more events to do just to bring him back again! Yes, he is that good!

Grad Nights and Post Proms are one venue that need a “strong” act to hold the attention of teen agers. Paul is one of those rare characters that can do it. Fairs will oftentimes hire a good act – then discover the audience is thin. Paul is not one to have a thin audience. He packs them in. Trade Shows want a performer that draws people into the booth. Paul not only draws them in, but he keeps their attention and can pitch the product so they want more information. Paul Nathan is not “just a mgician” – he also “has that magic personality” that simply works, and works really well in almost any venue he is in from theaters to festivals, on the streets or for a sophisticated, high brow intimate group in a private swanky living room.

Paul has been successful performing all over the world. Technically he is head and shoulders above any other magician around so the magic is effortless, exciting, and interesting but more than that is his charisma, charm, and skill as a performer. Paul has starred in top German varieté shows, headlined some of the biggest festivals in Europe, and hosted some of the most successful CEOs in the US.

No one is more inventive, more exciting, or more interesting on stage than Paul.

Credits include appearances on HBO, MTV. and even Star Trek Voyager as well as films with Eddie Murphy, Robert Downy Jr., and more. Paul plays the top varieté, festival, and theater stages in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Paul’s theater shows, Devil in the Deck and The I Hate Children Children’s Show have won awards, critical acclaim, and sell out audiences in the UK, and the US.

Few entertainers in the world and no one in the Bay area boasts the extensive, resume, experience, or broad based appeal of Paul Nathan.

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