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Tammy Harris Barton


Tammy has perfected a family-oriented show that has been performed all over the United States. She is considered by many to be the premier hypnosis show!

Whether performing at High Schools, Colleges, Corporate Events, State or County Fairs, Private parties or Night Clubs, Tammy’s performance will provide you with an intriguing and hilarious show that all will remember for years to come.

So if you’re looking for a High-quality show, a show to keep your crowds laughing and coming back for more, then Tammy is that premier entertainer.


Hypnotist Extraordinaire ~ Tammy Harris Barton

Looking for high energy entertainment?

Want to try something new and exciting? If so, Tammy Harris Barton is the performer you need. Tammy is one of the most talented, respected, and sought-after hypnotists in the country today!

In every show, Tammy selects willing volunteers from the audience and then puts them into a state of Hypnosis. She then guides them through a journey of the mind in which the volunteers act on suggestions Tammy provides. You never know who might show up to share her stage during her show. Only the imagination of her volunteers will limit their journey. Tammy always maintains the highest respect for her volunteers and never embarrasses or humiliates anyone on stage.

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Tammy Harris Barton has been performing as a professional stage hypnotist since 1993. She began her career working with her parents, both of whom are certified hypnotherapists. She quickly realized that Hypnosis performed correctly could be both entertaining and educational at the same time and could allow her to obtain any goal she set for herself.

She became involved with beauty pageants, and with self-esteem and a positive attitude she learned from Hypnosis, she won numerous titles. Tammy then set the ultimate goal for herself, to graduate from college and high school simultaneously. Using Hypnosis to help with study skills and passing exams, not only did she achieve her goal; she also received two business degrees. She is always glad to share this empowering message with her audiences.



  1. Adams County
  2. Lincoln County
  3. Mason County
  4. Northwest Washington
  5. Pacific County
  6. Palouse Empire
  7. Skagit County
  8. Asotin County
  9. Cowlitz
  10. Kitsap County
  11. Kittitas County Fair
  12. Central Washington 


  1. Tanana Valley State



  1. Brazoria County
  2. Wharton County
  3. Montgomery County
  4. Matagorda County


  1. York Fair


  1. Nez Perce County


  1. Georgia National Fair


  1. Union County
  2. Yamhill County
  3. Lincoln County
  4. Deschutes County
  5. Harney County
  6. Clackamas County
  7. Main Street Cowboys
  8. Tillamook County
  9. Douglas County
  10. Umatilla County
  11. Malheur County


  1. Placer County Fair
  2. Merced County
  3. Southern California Fair
  4. Sacramento County
  5. Tule-Lake Butte Valley
  6. Tahoma District


  1. Pima County


  1. Park County


  1. Alachua

Businesses & Organizations

  1. Wal-mart
  2. Eugene Country Club
  3. Carol College
  4. Pierce College
  5. Washington State University
  6. Arlington Days
  7. Green River Community College
  8. Centralia Community College
  9. Planet Hollywood
  10. Washington Beef
  11. Taco Bell
  12. Windermere Real-estate
  13. Bellevue Police Dept.
  14. Children’s Hospital
  15. Search & Rescue
  16. Civil Air Patrol
  17. Nintendo
  18. Funtastic Carnivals
  19. Argosy Cruise Lines
  20. Clark College
  21. Hahn  BMW/Mercedes
  22. Puyallup Elks Lodge
  23. Wild Horse Casino
  24. Eugene Beauty Supply
  25. Bellingham Athletic Club
  26. Wharton County Youth Fair


  1. Corporate Event
  2. Awards Night
  3. School Fund Raiser
  4. Church Fund Raiser
  5. Birthday Party
  6. Bachelor Party
  7. Bachelorette Party
  8. Anniversary Party
  9. Banquet
  10. Celebration
  11. Christmas Party
  12. College Reunion
  14. Community Event
  15. Convention
  16. High School Reunion
  17. Cruise Ship Entertainment
  18. Family Reunion
  19. Festival
  20. Fund Raiser
  21. Graduation Party
  22. New Years Eve Party
  23. Private Party
  24. Prom / After Prom
  25. School Assembly
  26. Sorority Function
  27. Fraternity Function
  28. Wedding
  29. Company Picnic

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