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Comedy Sports Juggler

Paz is a full-time Baseball and Hockey Mascot Entertainer. He has two separate shows he showcases

for each event; His baseball themed show he calls a “Major League Circus Show” and a Hockey themed show he calls “The Hockey Circus Show.”

Check out some of the fun highlights from The MAJOR LEAGUE CIRCUS SHOW!  Audience members get “drafted” to the team, the crowd cheers and sings along, and even Paz has a laugh – Everyone has fun at the big game!

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The MAJOR LEAGUE CIRCUS SHOW  is the ultimate tribute to the great game of baseball.  Join Paz as he knuckle balls his way through a Grand Slam mix of acrobatics, juggling, and one-of-a-kind circus stunts.  This trip to the “Ball Park” is 9 innings of family friendly fun that’s sure to be a bat flippin’ good time for all.

Paz juggles bats and balls and does a bunches of other stuff, too. His Baseball Show was featured at The Arizona State Fair as well as tons of sports gigs so he knows what to expect and how things roll.

In 2018, he was on tour traveling with a Canadian Hockey League performing for the season as their mascot.

When Paz is not doing Sporting events he does festival shows, intermissions, TV Spots, school visits, etc. all with the hockey organizations and marketing companies. He is an excellent addition to your PR team doing news show interviews before and during the event.

“PAZ is our Road Show’s Engine. A smile per mile. The Hockey Circus Show thrills with a rare mix of talent and charisma. Best of all it’s pure hockey . . . Canada’s PAZ time.”

– Ron MacLean – host of Hockey Night in Canada, Hometown Hockey, and Coaches Corner

Here are some photos from the a Festival!  Laughter, fire, big crowds and a whole lot of baseball.  A little something for everyone.

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