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Misty & The Sandman

Comedy Hypnotists

Experience the unparalleled charm of Misty Knight and Alan Sands, known as Misty & The SandMan. This captivating duo has redefined stage hypnosis, creating a dynamic and entertaining experience that consistently draws larger crowds than other free-stage performances across fairgrounds. This extraordinary magic and hypnosis experience is unlike any other, ensuring an engaging show that captivates and delights.

Comedy Hypnotists

Fairs, Festivals, Amusement Parks

Misty and the SandMan’s mesmerizing 20′ trailer used as a backdrop, adorned with stunning steampunk artwork, sets the stage. Accompanying this hypnotic attraction is a beautifully restored 1927 Model T Ford, matching the trailer’s steampunk theme. An assortment of vintage treasures, including over a dozen steamer trunks and elegant 19th-century lamps, creates a nostalgic backdrop that immerses patrons in a Victorian Future, blending the spirit of the Great Gatsby with the essence of the Roaring 20s within the fantastical world of Steampunk.

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Misty and the SandMan offers more than just a traditional comedy hypnosis show. They provide a ‘Close-Up’ Hypnosis Experience tailored to fit any venue, making them an ideal choice for fairs, festivals, and amusement parks. This flexibility ensures all guests a unique, entertaining, and memorable experience.

For those interested in bringing this incredible act to their event, downloadable brochures are available. These brochures offer a comprehensive overview of what Misty & The SandMan can bring to your fair or festival. With over 35 years of experience and a history of performances at over 250 fairs, including Ten State Fairs and numerous Canadian exhibitions, Alan Sands’ comedy hypnosis show has been featured by Strates Shows and Lagoon Amusement Park for multiple years. Alan Sands and his team are committed to making every performance unforgettable, promising not just a show, but an experience that leaves everyone amazed and eager for more.

Steam Punk Hypnosis Experience

This side-splitting stage hypnosis exhibition uses 12 volunteers and lasts 60 to 90 minutes. Only the imagination of volunteers limits their experience. Plus+ audiences are left feeling educated, entertained, and enlightened—it’s EduTainment!

Download a one-page PDF brochure to show your colleagues here: Misty & The SandMan 1-page Fairs Brochure

Click this link to download a two-page brochure featuring the SteamPunk/Roaring 20’s experience: Featuring Misty and the SandMan.


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