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Jugglers showcase a mix of skills that captivate audiences suitable for corporate and family events. They expertly juggle various items and entertain with humor and a range of talents such as high-wire walking, unicycle riding, stationary ladder, and daring stunts. Their acts include plate spinning, balancing objects, and even climbing into giant balloons.

Ideal for large audiences, jugglers present visually stunning performances. While rarely suited for walk-around entertainment due to the use of props like machetes and torches, they excel in circle shows, drawing crowds into a street performance atmosphere. Versatile and skilled, jugglers represented by ASE come from diverse backgrounds, offering a wide range of styles and expertise across the USA and Canada.

Jugglers have many eclectic and eccentric skills. They all can juggle – but some juggler fast and a lot of items, while others are side-splitting comedians. They do a lot of other skills including: walk high wires, slack ropes, ride unicycles, climb free-standing ladders, do daredevil stunts, spin plates, balance things on their face, climb inside giant balloons.

Jugglers are very visual acts and work very well for large audiences. Jugglers are not usually recommended for “walk-around” or strolling entertainment because no one wants someone to juggler machetes or torches close to them – and this is the appeal of jugglers. They do things that look “Dangerous.” However, Jugglers do excellent circle shows where you give them a space and they gather a crowd around them in a circle, ala a street performance. Jugglers are very versatile and ASE represents jugglers of every type and skill level from all across the USA and Canada.

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