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NEW CONTACTS: Promotional material is NOT sent without a phone number in order that we may verify requests by an adult or mature teen (for school events).

SEND ME A MESSAGE: I’m always available via cell phone. However, use this form to send a message. I may not have a crayon, or I’m driving and it is scary to color and drive at the same time… I’m on the road a lot. I check my e-mail often. I do want to hear from you. Please fill out this form as needed, or send a simple message (bottom of this form), then call and we can brainstorm.

If you choose to call, please note that…

I may not know if I am available I probably can’t take notes, I CAN talk to you and…

Tell you what I and ASE do Tell you what you can expect from ASE Talk technical (sound, stage, lights) Talk specifics (show length, contract, price) Tell you about other services and acts ASE represents

I make these forms my highest priority, and it gives me a record of your request.

Thank you!

Please get in touch with me anytime via cell phone or use this form for communication. While I’m frequently on the road and may not be able to respond or take detailed notes immediately, I’m committed to staying connected. I can discuss what ASE and I offer through a call, including technical details and other services.

Using this form helps ensure I have a record of your request, which I prioritize.

Thank you for understanding, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Event Type

    (if your event is an all-night party, please state the date the event begins through the date the event ends, i.e., June 1-2, 2014)

    How Many People? What type of group? what have you done in the past? Do we need out own sound system?

    Promo Type

    Where did you hear of Alan Sands or ASE? Did you see Alan perform? How did you find our site?

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