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Kerry Sharp - The Clean Hypnotist

For 10 years, comedy hypnotist Kerry Sharp has seen a new show every time he takes the stage. What keeps his work fresh and exciting is the nearly infinite power of the mind and what can happen when the mind is open to suggestions.

Kerry performs a comedy hypnosis show with volunteers from the audience. They become the show’s stars, which is high-energy, hilarious, and always in good clean taste (PG). The true magic of his show is seeing people experience the amazing side of their imagination. The subconscious mind is revealed powerfully and entertainingly. Volunteers are always treated with respect.

Hypnotist Kerry Sharp has entertained audiences all over the United States with the power of the mind. His show is about having fun and laughing. Volunteers from the audience become the stars on stage.

You will have a great time watching the show or becoming part of the show! Kerry’s specialty is performing clean shows at fairs, high schools, colleges and universities, corporate events, and any other place that accommodates entertainment.

In addition to his live shows, Kerry has appeared on television, radio, and newspaper articles. Kerry has many routines available, but he can also customize any show to fit your event or theme. His show sets a high standard for quality entertainment with a positive experience.

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“We appreciate you coming…We all had a blast. All the students loved it and were talking about it all day long. We would definitely want another visit next school year…Thanks again!”
McFarland Jr. High School
“I passed on your name to the head of this year’s committee. She heard all kinds of positive comments from kids and last year’s committee. We totally enjoyed your show! Thanks for coming out and entertaining us.”
Elko High School grad party
“I wanted to thank you again for a very fun evening. All the employees said this was the best party they have attended here at Paragon.
I will keep you in mind for next year’s party!”
Paragon corporate Christmas party


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