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Virtual Performers

I have some of the very best performers in the Virtual show market, and I communicate with dozens of great zoom performers daily.
Here are four examples you might like:

The Zoppe’ Circus had edited together a show specifically for ZOOM and other on-line performances. Edited by one of the Star Wars producers, this is a 34 person circus show that will hold the attention of any audience. It does not get more professional than this:

Frank Olivier is one of the top five Jugglers in the world. He has been doing weekly performances on line for the last few months, challenging himself to learn and perform something new each week. He is a brilliantly, funny, talented performer:
Dana Daniels is – without a doubt – one of the most original, creative and funny comedy magicians in the business today. He normally works in Las Vegas and a showroom in Hawaii, he is in demand at comedy clubs in the LA area and hobnobs with the best in the business:
Paul Draper – Paul is not only an amazing entertainer, but he is the teacher of “how to do a zoom show” to magicians all over the world. I will let his video demo talk for itself:
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