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Misty Knight

Fortune Teller, Tarot Cards, Intuitive

There is a lot more to card reading than meets the eye. Using skill sets outside of translating the cards makes readings much more accurate, personal, and entertaining.

Finding the positive, Misty Knight uses her fantastic intuition, her education in psychology, and 40 years of practicing hypnotherapy to make parties and events successful.

The exclamations you will hear from your guests after a 5-15 minute reading with Misty will amaze your guests.

Fortune Teller Tarot Card Reader

Meet Misty Knight Mystic, Fortune Teller, Tarot Cards, Intuitive

A mystical intuitive for over 30 years, Misty’s gift goes beyond reading the tarot; she also reads people.

A very successful hypnotherapist for decades, she has an extraordinary gift that she brings to your event.

Misty’s innate talent is helping people find their path and direction for the future.

She practices multiple forms of spiritual divination, from curious pendulums and throwing ancient bones to reading ever-telling auras and revealing the hidden knowledge of the tarot mentioned above.

She can be a subtle presence in the room or command the spotlight.

From Rock Star clientele to being an international performer at the Glastonbury Festival, England, a Las Vegas casino reality show hypnotist, and a requested reader in the back room of a Haitian Voodoo Priest’s Botanica, Misty has worked various sizes of stages. As a result, she can tailor your magical evening to exceed your expectations.

If you’d like to contact Misty, her email is misty – at – alansands – dot – com

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