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Andrew Becker


Since 1996, Andrew Becker has been performing his hilarious comedy hypnosis show across the U.S. for high schools and colleges, corporate events, fairs, and festivals. With over 1000 show credits to date, Becker has entertained in 45 states and internationally, with satisfied clients asking him back for up to 10 years in a row!

Andrew is a graduate of the University of Houston, emphasizing psychology and theater, and he is a certified hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists, the world’s largest hypnosis organization.

Andrew’s fast-paced, hilarious hypnosis show is unique each time Andrew takes the stage. Volunteers are always different, so an original experience is guaranteed. In this high-energy performance, audience members become the real stars of comedy. Your group will laugh hysterically as people they know become celebrities, take crazy roller coaster rides, and even forget their own names!


Andrew Becker Comedy Hypnotist

Andrew Becker takes pride in being a “class act,” delivering an entertainment experience just right for your venue. He works closely with you to make sure your show is as family-friendly as you need it to be. He is able to adapt from “G” to “PG,” “PG-13,” or “tastefully naughty” if you prefer, for a more mature crowd.

With 15+ years experience at 200+ high school events, Andrew is also the coordinator of a drug/alcohol prevention retreat called Operation Snowball in Wisconsin, so he understands the importance for young people of events like post-prom parties. He always performs his high school shows in a family-friendly format.

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This side-splitting comedy hypnosis show has been seen by over 250,000 people, live and on television (watch the video above!). Thousands have received a unique chance to go up on stage, providing fun and laughter—not only for that hour, but for days to come as stories are shared and video of the show is watched again and again. Andrew makes sure that everyone leaves his show feeling great, especially the volunteers. He is always careful not to embarrass anyone… well, not too badly!

Andrew is available for your event for $1500, plus one night of local lodging (ask a local motel to donate or discount a room for a night). Andrew covers all his own travel and meal costs. He can supply a small, basic sound system at no additional charge (if he drives to your event), but a school-provided PA system with detachable speakers, a handheld microphone, and the ability to plug in a music device is usually better.

Whether your group has 30 or 3000 people, Andrew Becker delivers a show that you and your audience will never forget… OR will some of them never remember?! Watch his Hypnosis Demo video and a televised appearance right here on this page. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

“This letter is one of great admiration and support for Andrew Becker Enterprises… I Witnessed Andrew reach above and beyond to assist [our organization] with reaching out to the students.” “He has a great approach with the college student population. He is an excellent performer and since his show any students have asked for his return next year… He was simply AMAZING. I strongly encourage other universities to consider Andrew Becker for a general campus or conference event.”
Western Carolina University
“I am pleased to write this letter recommending the services of Andrew Becker, Hypnotist. Mr. Becker …provided two wonderful nights of great entertainment. Our students and staff really had an incredible experience working with Andrew, and he made a great impact on our organization.” “…we are grateful for his professional attitude and experience as a hypnotist. I was personally very impressed and I highly encourage anyone to consider him for special events, conferences, or [single] engagements.”
Stephen F. Austin State University (TX)
“This was the first program of its kind that [our organization] has sponsored since I’ve been here. The show was quite remarkable and entertaining… the 100 attendees thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and so did the residents who were hypnotized.” “I would highly recommend Andrew Becker for a hypnotist show if your school is looking for a different, highly entertaining, and interesting program.”
College of Notre Dame (CA)

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