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Marcus Wilson

Funny Guy Who Does Tricks

Marcus Wilson was born on April Fool’s Day, 1973, so it seems only fitting that he has a passion for jokes. This passion kept him in trouble all through elementary and junior high school. In ninth grade, he enrolled in a drama class and discovered a place where acting out was encouraged and accepted. He found that people seemed to enjoy his obnoxious antics as long as he was on stage. While working at a restaurant in high school, he learned to juggle rolls and oranges and fell in love with useless tricks and odd skills. He began doing shows at 22, armed with a handful of these tricks and a desire to entertain. About five years later, he began performing in comedy clubs. Since then, he has been making his living performing. Marcus lives in West Jordan, Utah. After giving his teachers such a hard time, he married a teacher. He has been married since 1996 and has four kids.


Corporate Events

Are you looking for some entertainment for your holiday party? You are at the right spot. Marcus has performed thousands of shows in the United States and will be a big hit at your event. Marcus can get the audience laughing and keep them laughing. This will loosen up the crowd and make the evening more enjoyable. He can personalize your show by writing jokes about your company or industry. He will make your party an event people won’t forget and make you look like a genius for hiring him.

Fairs And Festivals

Marcus’s show is perfect for fairs.  Marcus’s comedy show consists of stand-up comedy, juggling, yo-yo tricks, catching a bowling ball with his face, manipulating boxes, juggling ping pong balls using nothing but his mouth, musical interludes, prop comedy, an egg, and death-defying balancing/ knife juggling act. It’s an unbelievable show that you won’t forget. He will customize it for your event. He can even write jokes just for your show.



This is a list of some of the places Marcus has performed his comedy juggling show.

Fairs & Festivals

  1. Santa Barbra Whale Festival, California
  2. Utah State Fair, Utah 2004, 2006, 2007,
  3. Jerome County Fair, Idaho
  4. Caribou County Fair, Idaho
  5. Uinta County Fair, Wyoming 2006, 2008
  6. Salt Lake County Fair, Utah
  7. Washington County Fair, Utah
  8. San Juan County Fair, Utah 2003-2007
  9. Weber County Fair, Utah
  10. Scare Crow Festival, Utah 2006-2008
  11. Tooele County Fair, Utah
  12. Hot Rock’n Fourth, Utah 2003-2008
  13. Avenues Street Fair, Utah
  14. Sunsets at pier 60 Festival, Florida
  15. 9th & 9th Street Festival, Utah
  16. Utah Arts Festival, Utah 2006, 2007
  17. Davis County Fair, Utah
  18. Central Montana Fair, Montana
  19. Freemont County Fair, Wyoming
  20. Fallen Biker Ralley, Colorado
  21. Arapaho County Fair, Colorado
  22. St George Arts Festival, Utah
  23. St George First Night, Utah
  24. Fossil Days, Wyoming
  25. Teton County Fair, Wyoming
  26. Sweet Water County Fair (Wyoming’s Big Show), Wyoming
  27. Weld County Fair, Colorado
  28. Dawson County Fair, Montana
  29. North East Montana Fair, Montana
  30. Grant County Fair, Oregon
  31. Ravali County Fair, Montana
  32. Nez Perce County Fair, Idaho


  1. Hoyt Archery
  2. Mobile Productivity (MPI)
  3. Ipaco
  4. Tronox
  5. Reed Hycalog
  6. New York Life
  7. A British Evening with Gordon B Hinckley
  8. National Mayor’s Convention
  9. L3 Communications
  10. Quality Distributing
  11. America First Credit Union
  12. Delta Stone Products
  13. Day Break
  14. Jordan Landing
  15. Embassy Suites
  16. Carbon County Board of Realtors
  17. J Squared Group
  18. Layton Hills Mall
  19. Big Lots
  20. Fantastic Sams
  21. Greek Town Casino, Detroit
  22. Advanced Windows
  23. PCB Piezotronics
  24. Plaza Cycle
  25. A Quality Plumbing
  26. Woodland Furniture
  27. The Canyons
  28. Scene Makers
  29. M.S. Society
  30. Tree House Athletic Club
  31. Sarcos
  32. Vox Marketing
  33. Hunt Electric
  34. Frito Lay
  35. Beautifully Done Events

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