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George Sands

George Sands

George Sands compiled Seven Books between 1987-1993 with almost all of his lifetime creations he called the “50 Years of Magic” series.
George Sands create two of the most famous rope routines performed today. Alan Sands republished the rope routines into one volume with an accompanying DVD.
George Sands wrote the first thorough balloon volume. Limited copies are still available.
There are currently 9 books in print, two trick decks of cards, a Razor Blade routine and Chicken Thieves – all tricks created by George Sands

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George Sands

The Magical Creations of George Sands

ROPES – George Sands

MasterWorks Collection, Volume 1

Eight Rope Routines together in one volume!

Sandsational Rope


Needless Threading

All three of the above routines are on the DVD!

Silk Hankerchief Through Rope

Rope Through Arm

(Reverse Rope Through Arm)

String Handcuff Escape

(Honeymoon String Game)

Sun & Moon

(Comedy Cut and Restored Tie & Rope Routine)

William Tell Knot – with a variation

Book and DVD sold together.

A PDF of the book is also available to download. (Click Here)

The DVD is available on Vimeo.

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George Sands Ropes


Encyclopedic Balloon Modeling Course


Written and Illustrated by George Sands

Both books are now combined into one volume with 92 pages

For more detailed information on contents and price (Almost out of print. Very limited copies still available):


The Complete 50 Year Series

You will find the following titles described in detail:

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Volume 1 – 50 Years of Magic – 82 Pages + 140 Illustrations –  

Volume 2 – 51 Years of Magic – 84 Pages + 84 Illustrations

Volume 3 – 52 Years of Magic – 79 pages + 110 Illustrations

Volume 4 – 53 Years of Magic – 82 Pages + 90 Illustrations

Volume 5 – 54 Years of Magic – 81 Pages + 72 Illustrations

Volume 6 – 55 Years of Magic – 83 Pages + 213 Illustrations

Volume 7 – 56 Years of Magic – 80 Pages + 102 Illustrations

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Custom, hand-cut, belly stripper decks of cards not available anywhere else. Buy pre-sorted decks or buy two decks and sort your own effect.

Includes instructional DVD and booklet.

Extra Sandsational Perception
Sandsational Out of This World

Chicken Thieves by Alan Sands

This was the first one-minute routine I learned as a child. Guaranteed to be come part of your sponge ball routine, cups and balls routine or it plays by itself, and now the package includes comedy chickens, white farm yard chickens and pigs!


A finale’ routine in George’s show for 50 years, and then developed further by Alan for another 30 years. This is a routine that will put the audience on the edge of their seats! Hi impact and so simple a routine to master. One slight of hand move, thorough directions. You can buy the DVD (also available on Vimeo as a download) and make your own set, or buy the entire package completely made and ready-to-perform including all the supplies to repair & make new sets for the rest of your life!

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