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Shawn Eric


Corporate Magic Entertainment
Add magic, Fun, and Excitement to your next private party or corporate event.
Surprise and entertain your loyal clients and employees at a business event
Experience the best magic entertainment… Impossible!

Shawn Eric will help you memorably achieve your goals. In addition, his experience and customized magic presentations make him the ideal entertainer for corporate events and private parties.


Shawn Eric performs the impossible to make your event the best!

The New Normal For Live Entertainment

“Your work greatly entertained the attendees. Thank you for a job well done!”

Phoenix Thunderbirds

Who Is Magician Shawn Eric & Why Should You Care?
Do you want a magician you can trust to entertain and astonish your guests?
Would you like to work with a professional who cares about the success of your event as you do?
Does working with an entertainer who other corporate event and party planners trust matter?

Shawn Eric’s enthusiasm and energetic performances result in happy crowds and satisfied clients.

Your guests will rave about Shawn and his magic, and you will feel secure working with an experienced professional.

“It was perfect! Feedback from the audience was great!”

Event Planner – Mayo Clinic

Connect with Shawn Eric and discover why he is among the best corporate party magic entertainment business magicians. Book him today and find out for yourself!
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Shawn Eric has been practicing and performing his magic entertainment for over 40 years!

Originally from Ohio, Shawn began honing his skills at restaurants and parties. He traveled and worked in New York City, Boston, New Orleans, and Boulder, Colorado, where he studied with master magicians Slydini, Derek Dingle, Cellini, Johnny Fox, and others to learn the fine art of magic and performing.

Shawn moved west to Arizona to start a new career phase, taking his magic into the corporate and hospitality markets.

He performed as a magic bartender at several locations, including James’ Place, a magic-themed restaurant in Scottsdale; The Treehouse, an iconic restaurant in Cave Creek; the historic Carefree Inn; and The Boulders’ Resort.

Then the Food and Beverage Manager for the Boulders, and present owner of Tarbell’s Restaurant, Mark Tarbell, commented…

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“We’ve had wonderful guest response! Shawn’s fun presentations and casual style make him a special addition to any function. I highly recommend Shawn!”

In the late 1980s, Shawn Eric continued his magical studies at the Magic Castle and Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood, California.

Shawn Eric performed for master magicians Dai Vernon aka The Professor, Charlie Miller, Larry Jennings, and a host of top magicians. After performances at the Magic Castle, Dai Vernon kindly inscribed these words about Shawn in one of his books…

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