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Master Hypnotist and Magician Michael Mezmer

Michael Mezmer is known as the “Phenomenist” who combines his talent as one of the world’s top-performing stage hypnotists with his award-winning skills in the field of organic magic phenomena to create amazing performances. His goal is to present the allied arts of hypnosis and magic in such a way that people of all ages can learn about and enjoy them in a unique theatrical experience.

Michael has toured widely in the United States and the Orient, performing before millions with standing room only crowds at major fairs, amusement parks, festivals, corporate events, universities, night clubs, casinos, and other special events. He has entertained thousands of high school and university students throughout the U.S. His Trance-Nosis show is the first choice of dozens of A.S.B. directors and student leaders.

As a State of Indiana Certified Hypnotist, Michael is recognized as an expert in the field of hypnosis and its many uses. He has become a much sought after lecturer, presenting his “Quantum Stress Management” workshop at corporate events and universities around the country. Michael has had the honor of being an invited guest lecturer and starring performer at the “International Hypnotherapy Conference” and has been dubbed the “Hypnotist’s Hypnotist” by the President of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.

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No form of entertainment is more appealing than a comedy hypnosis show. Michael’s Trance-Nosis show is one of the very few types of performances that audiences will come back to see over and over again. The Trance-Nosis show has everything: comedy, mystery, drama, coupled with thought-provoking phenomena. The show is devoted to audience participation entertainment—you never know what’s going to happen!

So complete is the audience appeal of Michael’s performance that it is doubtful if any other entertainment is capable of creating more spontaneous interest and enthusiasm. Every show is different, making the Trance-Nosis show the perfect choice for repeat and multiple day bookings at casinos, fairs, festivals, night clubs and theme parks.

As a multiple award winning magician, Michael Mezmer has performed his DangerMagik show at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, major casinos, amusement parks, on cruise ships, and in 24 countries worldwide. DangerMagik is an amazing show that takes audiences of all ages on a journey beyond the laws of nature and science.

An award winning performer, Michael has distinguished himself as a hypnotist, magician, and an entertainer, receiving numerous accolades, including the Rocky Mountain Association of Fair’s “Entertainer Of The Year,” an “Entertainment Division Award” from the Western Fairs Association, a “Medal of Commendation” presented by General Brian Arnold, Commander USAF Space and Missile Systems Center and multiple “Special Recognition Awards” from the prestigious A.C.H.E. for outstanding professional presentation.

Focus, attitude, service and integrity are the cornerstones of the Mezmer success story. Helping audience participants dare to soar and to strive for excellence in every performance, has made Michael Mezmer a “must see” show and a superstar of hypnotic entertainment.

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