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Lynx is a jack of all trades when it comes to performing. From working sideshow acts of the unusual to magic that will keep you guessing, Lynx is at the top of his game. Lynx has not only performed all over the United States, but has also traveled the globe for renaissance fairs, busker festivals, magic performances and corporate events. Lynx specializes in a unique blend of street performance, close-up, parlor, sideshow and stage magic that leaves his audiences begging for more.


Lynx the Animator

In his own words: I’ve been a magician since I was 10 and a street performer since I was 15. My goal is to make you laugh! I’m rarely suitable for children, but they do love the magic! I’m bawdy in nature, as far as my humor goes, and the parents love it! I do mostly cabaret, festivals and street shows. I work with many of the renaissance festivals across the country and love it! I also dab into the circus lifestyle, but more on the sideshow side.

Lynx is also a producer of many variety shows such as:

  1. Zirkus Majikah – One tour around the U.S. – A hilarious duo act that went from Colorado, Washington, California and more.
  2. The Lynx Bawdy Vaudeville Show – 6 years running – A variety show that had everything from burlesque, magic, belly dancing and more.

Mystery, Magic, Mentalisim, Sideshow, Hypnosis and Mayhem is what you can expect from Lynx at your next event! No stage is to small or to big for this performer and he will make sure it is a night you won’t forget!

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