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Scott Christie


Scott’s non-contact Comedy Hypnosis Show incorporates social distance entertainment with his COVID-19 compliance plan. As a result, he ensures safe, fun, and interactive entertainment that is CDC compliant and SAFE for everyone!

This year, people want to have fun, laugh, and experience a night of stress relief. So have your guests laugh aloud and enjoy themselves while watching or participating in Scott’s outrageous and COVID-compliant entertainment. Small groups welcome!

Scott Christie


Comedy Stage Hypnotist, Motivational Speaker & Trainer

Buckle up and get ready to be profoundly fascinated, mesmerized, and empowered! Scott’s massively entertaining hypnosis show fuses the incredible power of your mind with his extraordinary stage presence, comedy, and showmanship.

Full of outrageous fun and laughter, Scott Christie’s Stage Comedy Hypnotist Shows and Presentations engage audiences. The incredible power of the volunteer’s imagination and power of belief is at the center of Scott’s Hypnotic Journey, which seems to be limitless as his show continues to amaze and wow audiences year after year.

Scott began impressing his audiences in the late 80s as a stage entertainer at company events, and the fun has never stopped. For over 30 years, Scott has demonstrated a unique ability to inspire, entertain and even educate while at the same time providing fun for his volunteers and audiences alike.

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His “Change Your Reality” presentation is known for taking his volunteers beyond entertainment to empowerment. Ultimately, through demonstration, Scott delivers unique positive programming tools that provide audiences the power to change the results that they are creating in their everyday life.


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Outstanding, Fun, and entertaining, The Impossible Hypnotist, Scott Christie, will bring the fun and memories you are searching for.
Enjoy the comfort and assurance of working with a true professional entertainer.
I Hypnotize

Yes, it’s true people can be hypnotized! And it’s this intrigue of hypnosis that fascinates so many people and makes my show so unique and compelling. So many of your guests will come to participate in the Impossible Hypnotist Show to see if they can be hypnotized and feel the sensation of hypnosis – Some of them will become the celebrities of the night. I am a Vancouver Hypnotist but do travel and perform shows across Canada, The USA, and Mexico.

Additionally, many of your guests will come to witness, for themselves, these mysterious phenomena. Either way, your audience will witness the power of hypnosis and the hysterically funny reactions when the hypnotized volunteers are led from one ridiculous scenario into another throughout my Hypnotist show.

You have to see it to believe it!

Always respectful, Scott leads you through a fast-paced hypnotic journey that produces outrageous laughter and fun and leaves audiences rolling in the aisles.

Do Not Miss This Opportunity To Have Scott Christie Entertain At Your Event !

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