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Kellie Karl


  • Kellie Karl ~ Stage Hypnotist, Singer, Dancer, Choreographer, DJ, Karaoke

Welcome to the zany world of hypnosis – a journey to the center of your mind with Kellie Karl.

As a regular performer for many years at the Riviera Hotel and Casino, the same stage Elvis, Sinatra, and Liberace played, Kellie brings Las Vegas to you. Kellie has taken her show from high schools in Arkansas City, Kansas, to Alexandria, Egypt. Her shows have been seen by people from all over the world and from every continent.  You can bring her show to you anywhere in the world!

  • Happy audiences
  • Empowered participants
  • Exciting entertainment, unlike anything else!
  • Audience involvement at every level
  • Tailored to specific themes, ages, and audiences
  • Consummate performance
  • Highly insured commitment to safety
  • Head spinning mind-boggling hypnotic experience
  • Empowering and uplifting


Kellie Karl - Hypnotist

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Kellie performs regularly on Cruise ships and at County Fairs. She has worked Las Vegas extensively and does a fast-paced, clean show for all ages.

She has the voice of a nightingale and sings throughout her show. She began her career as choreographer and dancer, then went on to being a DJ and Karaoke party hostess and now combines her talents making her a dynamic performer, and she isn’t hard to look at either!

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