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Brad Zinn


Arizona Comedy Magician Brad Zinn has toured all over North America and entertained from Canada to the Caribbean; from Hollywood’s Magic Castle to The Strip in Las Vegas. He has worked with celebrities including; Dick Van Dyke, Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman), Shirley Jones, Richard Crenna, Harry Anderson, Cliff Robertson, Damon Wayans, Paul Rodriguez, Marty Allen, and more.


Arizona Comedy Magician Brad Zinn

“Who’s Who in Entertainment” and “International Men of Achievement” list his film, stage, radio, and television credits.

The clean magic comedy of Brad Zinn is sought after by Fortune 500 companies, smaller companies, and private individuals for intimate home parties to provide just the right touch of magic and humor to liven up any gathering. He can customize a comedy magic presentation with healthy doses of audience participation to advance your goals or themes.

Brad is also an accomplished Master of Ceremonies, Emcee, and Auctioneer. He can keep your meetings on target, on schedule, and riveting!

Home-based in Phoenix, Arizona, Brad Zinn has appeared internationally on Holland America, Radisson, Orient, and Norwegian Cruise Lines and even performed at the world-famous London Palladium!

He is the consummate professional, and he’s modest, too!

Brad Zinn is more than a clean comedy magician. He is an entertainer!


Show Styles

Brad Zinn is one of his field’s most sought-after comedy magic entertainers. Brad’s background in acting and comedy makes his performances a cut above the average entertainer. Brad adds storytelling, magic, impressions, audience participation, and music to make his act unique. You will appreciate that he is versatile and adaptable to almost any situation.

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Brad Zinn’s comedy and magic Banquet Show is a high-energy exercise in pure entertainment. Brad involves the audience in the magic and the laughs from start to finish. The show’s high point is a tribute to Houdini, complete with audience participation, comedy, and an inspirational-motivational message delivered with a light touch.

Other segments include a hilarious “Handy Dandy Home Kitchen Vege-Magic” demonstration. Various celebrities have participated in this routine, including Damon Wayans, Arizona Cardinals Coach Joe Bugel, and many CEOs of large corporations. The show’s finish revolves around Brad’s recollections of the very first magician he ever saw.

Brad also has many other routines ready to be customized for your group. Whether it’s an Awards Ceremony, Convention Kick-Off, Birthday Celebration, or Product Introduction, Brad can build a few surprises into the proceedings based on your needs. How about magically producing your CEO, VP of Sales, Santa Claus, or the Master of Ceremonies?

The banquet show is appropriate for groups ranging from 25 to 600 people or even more if you have video screen projection at your event. Shows of this type last from 20 minutes to 60 minutes. Brad Zinn performs magic with one assistant/crew member when necessary. Additional assistants will be added to the base fee for this type of show. Brad Zinn can provide a stage backdrop, sound system, and lighting if necessary. Staging required to be supplied by the client for this show includes a clear platform area 12 feet deep by 16 feet across minimum and a house microphone. Set-up time for this program: 2-3 hours.


Dressed in a tuxedo or “theme” costume, Brad performs mind-boggling comedy magic inches away from the eyes of your guests while strolling from table to table or group to group during social hour, special event, private party, trade show booth, or at a “hospitality suite.” Brad performs sleight-of-hand with various objects, such as cards, coins, and currency, and borrows (and returns!) articles from multiple audience members. In today’s “high-tech” world, most people have only experienced a magician on television or YouTube! A live in-person interaction with a magician is a unique “high touch,” immersive, memorable experience. This performance option is perfect as an ice-breaker, conversation starter, or a prelude to the banquet mentioned above show. There are no “technical requirements” or set-up time involved. However, to get the most value for your dollar, Brad requests that you refrain from having him perform while loud music is playing. Brad can reach approximately 50-75 people per hour of serving time. *Walkaround magic fees are 1/2 price when booking the “Banquet Show” described above.


Brad performs cons, cheats, and swindles for the amusement of the spectators with cards, coins, chips, dice, an endless loop of chains, and other gambling devices. Attired in “Old West” garb, this is the perfect addition to any Western theme party, cowboy steak fry, or ‘Old West’ casino night. Brad can perform this particular type of fun comedy and close-up magic while strolling among the guests, table to table, group to group, or at a stationary location. Once again, there are no special technical requirements or set-up time to be considered, but for your guest’s benefit, Brad asks for there to be no loud music playing.


A skilled master of ceremonies, Brad can blend humor and magic while keeping the agenda on schedule. Brad works closely with the event planner or producer to achieve maximum efficiency while keeping the audience awake and prepared to enjoy each new production segment. A good emcee can MAKE your event!

Brad can also perform as a corporate game show host and is adept at “technical jargon.” His humor keeps things light and well-paced. Brad is also an accomplished voice-over artist who can quickly announce your event in a pleasing, authoritative voice. In addition, Brad is an experienced auctioneer for casino nights and charity fundraising events. Let BRAD ZINN make you a hero!


Brad Zinn cut his show business teeth, entertaining children with magic for birthday parties, elementary school assembly shows, and daycare centers. He has also entertained the children of corporate executives at five-star resort hotels and for special event holiday programs like Halloween, Easter, Christmas, and Hanukkah.

Brad performed school assembly programs for over 14 years in the Valley of the Sun and estimated that over 300,000 children witnessed his program. Now, he is entertaining the children of those children! So, Brad can entertain YOUR kids at your next special kids event! The clean comedy magic is geared toward the audience’s age level and involves plenty of audience participation.

Shows can range from 30 to 55 minutes and can be performed from a stage or in your living room. Brad encourages Moms, Dads, and other adults to watch and even participate in the magic show. The adults will enjoy the show as much as the kids. However, the Children’s Comedy Magic of Brad Zinn is not recommended for children under five.


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