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Akshaya was bitten by the magic bug when she was 3 years old. She has been practicing magic ever since. This Pune based Indian girl is now called the Diva of Indian Magic.

With the 10 years of professional experience Akshaya bagged many National and international awards. Akshaya is the first Indian female magician to win the Merlin Grand Prix by International Magician’s Society, USA (Oscar of Magic).

Honoured with the Prestigious Balgandharva Award and many more. Her unique and elegant performing style made her audience as well as fellow magicians believe that Akshaya is the queen of Modern Magic.

Akshaya’s magic is all about dancical magic routines, sleight of hands, escapology, compact illusions, manipulation acts, her personal life stories along with audience involvement.

Whether the audience is young or old, the show is live or virtual Akshaya never fail to memories her audience with her magic. So ladies and gentlemen, find a comfortable spot of you seat and get ready to experience the Magic of AKSHAYA



Combining the best magic of East & West to bring you to wonder, astonishment, joy for a unique experience of fusion jadoo.

With three decades of experience in venues including HarvardYale, Smithsonian, an enchanting illusionist, a multicultural show, an engaging presenter to add mystery to your next event.

He studies and shares the world’s oldest performing art of Indian magic— jadoo—in a fun modern way. He is creating a doc series, writing a book, offering live shows and presentations worldwide.

Enchant your guests with world-class bespoke shows, talks, or interactive workshops. Share wonder and delightmagical moments of connection, create memories that last a lifetime!


Entertain & Enlighten

Make your events unforgettable, give your guests something to talk about for the evening, or for the rest of their lives, with the world’s most ancient performing art: jadoo

Shreeyash creates fun programs that reveal concealed connections, celebrate a shared sense of wonder, address diversity and Asian American experiences in a unique way.

Shreeyash was born in India thirteen days after Halloween into a family of priests, prophets, and magicians. His great great grandfather was a Mormon prophet, his grandfather a Hindu priest, his uncle was a magician, so it was only natural that he would study the magical arts from an early age. He has studied with leading magicians, acting and writing teachers in the US, UK, and India’s few remaining jadoowallas.

He first performed on stage in grade school and has continued to travel the world entertaining people ever since.  Combining the best of Eastern and Western magic, Shreeyash has created a unique fusion magical style that appeals to people worldwide. In Europe, Asia, and all across the US, royalty, mayors, college professors, and presidents, CEOs, and executives enjoy his fun, unique, and sophisticated performances.

Shreeyash holds a Ph.D. in South Asian studies from The University of Chicago and has taught at Oxford, Yale, and the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. He is an assistant professor at Albright College where he is building a magic studies program including courses on magic and special events. He offers fun talks about Indian magic. 

Based near Philadelphia, he is offering world-class magic to the mainline and beyond.

Nakul Shenoy


Nakul Shenoy delivers MYSTERY. Online!

The Nakul Shenoy Experience delivers contemporary and suave Mystery Entertainment for sophisticated audiences around the world. This unbelievable play of wonders is internationally proven to amaze, entertain, and leave you wanting more… guaranteeing a mind-numbing experience that is both unique and unforgettable.

With the world being in lockdown and social distancing being the norm for the foreseeable future, Nakul Shenoy has put his little grey cells to work and crafted a truly unique virtual experience for his audiences. He is now proudly Delivering MYSTERY. Online!

Nakul Shenoy’s latest, reimagined Mystery Experience is now available for corporate audiences. This specially-curated experience is ONLY delivered online and remotely.

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