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Alan Sands


Discover the ultimate entertainment experience with Alan Sands – a globally renowned magician delivering a high-energy, award-winning performance filled with laughter, suspense, and audience engagement.

Prepare to be captivated by a 45-minute whirlwind of magic, comedy, and mind-bending feats featuring eccentric antics, daring escapes, and mentalism.

With a stellar reputation spanning international borders, Alan Sands has wowed audiences from Canada to Mexico, China to the UAE, South Africa, Malaysia, England, and Scotland. Book now for an unforgettable entertainment extravaganza that will leave your guests spellbound and wanting more. 

Comedy Magic

The Magical Comedy of Alan Sands

His zany antics are both ‘funny ha-ha’ & ‘funny strange’!

Alan Sands is a third-generation magician — the son of renown magician and author George Sands (famous among magicians worldwide for Sandsational Rope). But what sets Alan Sands apart from other prop comedians is his ability to entertain all age groups, separately or combined. He can make adults laugh until they cry, yet his fast-paced animated antics can keep the attention of children riveted. (see his Biography here: Background/Bio

Pacific Valley Bank

“At the Alaska State Fair you sponsered a magician named Alan Sands. I laft till I pead my pants. I hope to see him again next year. please bring him up agen.P.S: everybodey laft there heads off there. I went to see him 15 times. I liked his hipmatism show allso.”

Brett K Remble
(sent to fair by an 8 year old)

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“Our Sincere Thanks For A Job Well Done… Enjoyed Immensely By Both The Young And The Old.”
Bank of America

Alan regularly performs his comedy magic show followed by his comedy hypnosis show as a 2+hour “Comedy Concert.”

Alan’s comedy finale’ is shown here, performed in in Bejing, China for 5,000 Americans on July 4th.

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Alan Sands

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