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Chris Mabrey

Master of Comedy Hypnosis

Chris truly is the definition of a modern day stage hypnotist. His ability to professionally improv shines through, as he never knows what direction his show will be going to next. This helps to keep his audience begging for more and his clients ecstatic to have him back. Chris has the ability to customize each and every show depending on the hypnotic subjects and the audience. This truly makes each show a unique experience. Chris strives to stay modern, not only with his skits, but also with the music he uses during the show. Chris keeps his show hilariously different each and every time. Watching him live causes you to laugh because you can tell he is many times just as surprised as the audience. He truly loves what he does!


Chris Mabrey, Master of Comedy Hypnosis

When hiring Chris Mabrey, you will be hiring one of the finest hypnotists and top names in the industry. You can be assured that you, your guests, your audience and your stage hypnosis experience will be outstanding, fascinating, and beyond expectations. It will definitely be an unforgettable experience in all the right ways

Chris performs over 300 shows per year. Chris’ reputation speaks for itself by continually being called back to perform: a 95% repetition rate.

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