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ASE Contract/Agreement Request Information

ASE Contract/Agreement Request Information

Please fill in this form completely so that we have all the information correctly to create an Agreement.

Please note: We treat people the way we want others to treat us, and we know sometimes things changes. We try not to hold you or your organization obligated. Good things happen smiley-smile. Bad things happen smiley-frown. Times change, dates change or get cancelled, etc.

Once the performer incurs costs, like the cost of buying a plane ticket, or should the performer turn down another event for the same date, then we will let you know that we have invested in making your event happen, and we would hold you and your organization responsible for any cancelation costs out of my pocket.

Therefore, when you complete this form, and even after you have signed the agreement, please know that we treat this as “a written agreement between adults to avoid misunderstandings” and the (1) time (2) place (3) date and (4) amount are the most critical factors so the performer(s) can hold the date(s) and plan for the event correctly our my calendar.

    Show days of Week

    Show date/s of the event.

    For Grad Nights and post prom parties: give (1) the prom or Graduation Date & (2) the date the party ends. Supply Both dates to prevent confusion e.g. Sun.-Mon. 06/01 - 06/02/14.

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