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A Show full of WONDER

Starring Circus Stella and Dexter Tripp

Nothing Brings Community Together Like

Circus Stella features balance artist Dextre Tripp and his wife, aerialist Jana Colgin.

Together with their five rescued dogs, they put on a comedy-filled, family-friendly, acrobatic stunt show on their gorgeous one-ring circus stage.

Circus Stella is an east coast traveling circus featuring incredible human skills and trained rescue dogs! We help organizations create spectacular events that draw crowds, raise funds, and build altruistic communities.

Great group and a great cause to support!

 Michael Sladki

Even in the wind and cold weather today, you two humans and the 4 furbabies rocked the show today!

 Tiffany Lee Casselman

We watched the show two times. We had a five-year-old and a seven-year-old with us; they both loved it and were very amused!

 Heather Shepherd

Great entertainment and so genuinely funny! Love the pups! Worth sticking around for several times now!

 Sarah Dunne

Jana and Dextre are great entertainers in their own right, but adding their rescue dogs to the show? Brilliant!

Ron Struempf, Georgia Heartland Humane Society

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